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How Spa Therapies Can Restore Chakra Balance and Help You Heal

The energy system known as our chakras can be visualized as an invisible energy network that circulates within the body. Like wheels, the charkas are constantly spinning and need to be in perfect balance if they are to function optimally. Each of the charkas corresponds to one of the body’s core elements. Imbalances in the chakras can affect other systems including our endocrine and immune systems.

In Tantric philosophy the spiritual element of the charkas is fully described and considered the most important. According to Tantric teachings the perpetually spinning charkas are centers of consciousness capable of releasing supernatural powers. In Kundalini yoga, the root chakra at the base of the spine is thought to have the ability to release energy that leads to a spiritual awakening. The ways in which chakras interact with our nervous system have a profound effect on the functioning of both the endocrine and immune systems.

Fine Tuning the Chakras

Balance can be restored to the chakras through yoga, essential oils, meditation, energy healing with crystals and minerals and deep tissue massage. The following list describes the chakra, its associated color, conditions associated with imbalances, and the gemstones and essential oils that help restore its balance.

  • Root chakra at the base of the spine; red; anemia, lower back pain, cold hands and feet, adrenal glands and bone; garnet gemstone; sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver essential oils
  • Sacral chakra in the genital area; orange; urinary problems, allergies and ovary, bladder or testicular problems; carnelian gemstone; orange, geranium and jasmine essential oils
  • Solar plexus chakra in the lower abdomen; yellow; digestive problems, ulcers, pancreatic disorders; citrine gemstone; lemon, lavender, and fennel essential oils
  • Heart chakra in the center of the chest; green; high blood pressure, muscular tension, problems of the thymus gland, immune system and heart; jade gemstone; rose, mandarin, and bergamot essential oils
  • Throat chakra in the neck; blue-green; swollen glands, thyroid disorders, hyperactivity, neck and shoulder problems; turquoise gemstone; spruce, chamomile, and ylang-ylang essential oils
  • Third eye chakra in the forehead; royal blue; sleep disorders, poor coordination, problems of the pituitary gland, eyes, mouth, and neck; lapis lazuli gemstone; camphor, petitgrain, and eucalyptus essential oils
  • Crown chakra at the top of the head; purple; headaches, light sensitivity, disorders of the pineal gland and central nervous system; amethyst gemstone; lavender, elemi, and neroli essential oils

Spa Therapies for Chakra Balance

Massages, especially deep tissue massages using a blend of essential oils used to correct specific imbalances are particularly effective. The use of chanting in certain techniques such as shirodhara therapies are also effective in restoring balance. The sounds made from medicine bowls and bells are also conducive to healing the charkas. Any time gemstones can be employed in spa therapies, including hot stone massages, their use is beneficial. At the Ananda spa and resort in the Himalayas, several treatments use crystals and other gemstones in crystal healing therapies to correct and balance the chakra’s vibrations.

Spa therapies designed to balance charkas also incorporate color. Chakras have a certain spectral ray embodied in them that can dissolve blockages in energy flow. For instance amethyst with its purple-violet hue affects the brain and nerve cells. Color therapy can be used in hydrotherapy sessions, steam baths, light therapy treatments and in visualization therapies.

With 5000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom guiding the chakra tenets, restoring the balance necessary for optimal chakra functioning is a tremendously powerful form of spa healing.

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